❗❗ Spoiler alert. This gonna be a very long post. But this gonna be fun.❗❗

One needs either motivations or necessities do to things. I’ve been following RIOT games since I was an undergraduate student. So, a few days earlier, I saw a tech blog on their website about how they use slack apps to manage their deployment. It was kinda fun and I thought why not try that in my workplace. So there, got the motivation, now time to do it.

In my last post, I talked about Jenkins pipeline and how to deploy it in widlfly container. I’ll…

First, create a Jenkins pipeline lets call it first . Now open the pipeline and go to configure . Scroll down to the Pipeline section where we can write our script. Let's select Pipeline script a pipeline definition. Now we will write our pipeline script in the script snippet.

In this example, we’ll be working on a maven project. So to build a maven project, we’ll use Maven tool and for that, we need to configure Jenkins first.

So click onManage Jenkis from dashboard. Go toGlobal Tool Configuration under the system configuration tab. …

Sabbir Ul Alam

Software Engineer(QA) @TigerIT Bangladesh Ltd

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